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Size : 51cm x 31cm x 1.2cm

colors: Red/Black, Gold/Black, Gold/Navy, Blue/Bronze,Red/Cherry, Orange/Purple

Material: surface- PU/middle: neoprene/lining : nylon jersey , Zipper closed.

OneJoy tennis racket cover “, the unique feature is its perfectly-fitted, flat design that not only looks sleek and stylish, but also provides superior stability and protection for your racket. With a thickness of only 2.5-3mm, it offers excellent cushioning and shock absorption, preventing friction and impact between the racket frame and cover and ensuring that your racket stays safe and intact. In addition, its waterproof/rainproof material for rainy or moisture. Its shiny and artistic design also ensures that you are the star when stand out on the court. Get  OneJoy tennis racket cover , right now!

Made in Taiwan

OneJoy Tennis Racket/Racquet Cover/Sleeve

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